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I like to play video games and write.

Monster In My Head

I have a hard time writing dialogue so I wrote this to practice a little bit. I had fun writing it but I still need more practice. “Hello Rebecca, how are you doing.” “Oh no, not you again.” “Its been … Continue reading

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The Old Lady

I was bored one day, so I decided to look out my window. The clouds were grey, and the wind was strong. I was looking at the cars pass by when I notice a strange figure. It was an old … Continue reading

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Short Story

On my way to work I found a letter. It was short and had bad hand writing. The letter read. “For all those who love me I’m sorry. I just couldn’t take it. I can’t live without Dave so I’m … Continue reading

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My Old Pets part 1

I had many different pets during my childhood, two dogs, a bunny, and some birds. They were all great but I didn’t really know how to take care of them. Most of my pets died because I didn’t know how … Continue reading

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My Three Favorite Songs

Most of my favorite songs are from video games or cartoon shows that I watch. My absolute favorite song has to come from cowboy bebop. The songs that plays during the end credits is fantastic. Everytime I hear it it … Continue reading

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Man I Miss the Beach

It’s 45 degrees outside and for some reason my hot water stop running. I’m literally freezing in my seat as I type this. To try and stay warm I began to imaging the beach that I use to go to … Continue reading

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Bastion is Pretty Great

For my second blog I want to talk about a little video game I played a year ago. The game was called bastion. It was created by Supergiant Games, and indie studio with experience developers from across the industry. The … Continue reading

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