The Old Lady

I was bored one day, so I decided to look out my window. The clouds were grey, and the wind was strong. I was looking at the cars pass by when I notice a strange figure. It was an old women standing near the church on the other side of the street.

She was holding an umbrella and was wearing a blue coat. A bag, of what seem to be groceries, was on the floor next to her. Her hair was white and so was her skin. She looked sad for some reason. I wondered what she was doing outside on a day like this. Then suddenly she grabbed her bag and left.

After she left I decided to watch some television. Well I tried to watch television. I kept thinking about the old women. Something was bothering me, something about her face. She just seemed so sad. She looked like she’s seen a lot of things in her life.

A week passed and I kept checking to see if the women was there and she was. She stood in the same place everyday. I thought about asking her why she stood there doing nothing but she stop showing up. I wondered what her story was. Why she always stood by that church but I guess I’ll never know.


About chamillacevedo

I like to play video games and write.
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