My Old Pets part 1

I had many different pets during my childhood, two dogs, a bunny, and some birds. They were all great but I didn’t really know how to take care of them. Most of my pets died because I didn’t know how to raise them properly.

The first pet I ever owned was a dog called Lucky. He started small and innocent. He used to be so kind and adorable. That ended quickly, you see Lucky grew very quickly. My family never owned a dog before so we didn’t teach him stuff when he was a puppy. We also kept him locked up in our balcony all the time, which didn’t help. He pooped and peed wherever and whenever he wanted. Every time we brought him in to our house he would just run around wildly for minutes. I guess we should have properly taken him for a walk outside, but unfortunately we did not. We eventually got rid him, and then got another dog.

My second dogs name was Suzy. She was energetic and playful. Having learn from our past mistakes we treated this dog a lot better. We took her outside, let her play with us in the house, and discipline her when she did something wrong. Things were going great with her, but we had to move and she couldn’t come with us. When we left Puerto Rico we left her with my grandma. She later gave Suzy away to a nice old lady.

I wasn’t a good dog owner I’ll admit. My next pet was a bird, a love bird to be more specific. The love bird story is a little long so I’ll continue it some other time.


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I like to play video games and write.
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