My Three Favorite Songs

Most of my favorite songs are from video games or cartoon shows that I watch. My absolute favorite song has to come from cowboy bebop. The songs that plays during the end credits is fantastic. Everytime I hear it it makes me happy. The other song that I love the most comes from Ico. Its a songs that plays during the end. The song is so sad but at the same time happy. I absolutely love it. My other favorite song might come from bastion. Its a song that plays during a level that i really like. The song just captures the atmosprehe of the game perfectly. I don’t think I nkow more songs that impact me more then those. Thre a few other that I absolutely love like the entire ¬†sountrack to Gurren Laggan. Thats about it I guess, maybe I’ll update this list on a later date. I just can’t think of any more songs right now. I guess its because normal songs don’t impact me a lot. Songs that play during a powerful scene or a big boss fight stick with me for some reason. I guess its because theres more emotion in them. All favorite songs are usually from games. I don’t really have any favorite songs from the real world. THey all just seem to sound the same to me. In a game you can have all kinds of different songs. Some of them aren’t even in your native language. I also seem to like songs that aren’t english. Maybe I lkie them because they sound different. Whatever the reason is I strongly believe that sounds in a video game, movie, or show are going to stick with you longer. I think this because songs in movie usually have to do with some kind of emotion in the scene. Like a happy scene will have a happy song. So everytime you listen to that happy song you will be reminded of that happy scene.


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I like to play video games and write.
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