Man I Miss the Beach

It’s 45 degrees outside and for some reason my hot water stop running. I’m literally freezing in my seat as I type this. To try and stay warm I began to imaging the beach that I use to go to when i was young.

The beaches in Puerto Rico, where i used to live, are amazing. The beach that I used to always go to was my favorite place in the whole world. It was just so peaceful and pretty, nothing bad ever happened while i was there.

The water was clear and you can see fish swimming with you. The sand was fun to play in, and no matter how much I dug it never seemed to have a bottom. The beach its self was pretty long. I could see where it ended but my mom always told me that their was more to it. Giant hotels where placed near the beach so I assumed it ended were the hotels ended. Massive rocks separated the deep end of the water and the shallow end. I always wondered where those rocks came from. My mom told me once that people put them there but I never understood how.

As I sit here with my giant blanket typing this out with freezing hands. I can’t help but miss that beach whose name I’ve forgotten. I would like to back there someday, too bad planes terrify me. I hope to see that beach again someday.


About chamillacevedo

I like to play video games and write.
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