Bastion is Pretty Great


For my second blog I want to talk about a little video game I played a year ago. The game was called bastion. It was created by Supergiant Games, and indie studio with experience developers from across the industry. The game was fantastic, the game play was fun, the story was well written, and the characters were memorable.

The game play is kinda hard to describe. It’s hack ‘n’ slash mix with some rpg elements. You run around with an isometric camera and kill creatures with various weapons that you have collected in your journey. You can also equip potions to make yourself stronger or faster. As you level up you can equip even more potions on your character to improve his abilities.  You can also upgrade you weapons with items that you find across the land.

The story is told by the narrator an old man named Rucks. He tells you the back story of the world your in and also comments on what you are doing. Our main character is the kid, a young boy that wakes up to a destroyed world. It seems that the only survivors are him, the narrator, and other characters you meet later in the game. The story is pretty good so I don’t want to spoil it.

Overall is a fun game with interesting character, and a world with lots of lore. This game is one of my favorites and I hope more people get to experience it.



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