Monster In My Head

I have a hard time writing dialogue so I wrote this to practice a little bit. I had fun writing it but I still need more practice.

“Hello Rebecca, how are you doing.”

“Oh no, not you again.”

“Its been quite a while sine we last talk.”

“Shut up! Get out of my head.”

“Don’t be rude young lady I just want to talk to you.”

“Well I don’t want to talk to you! So just leave!”

“Oh come on girl what did I do to make you so angry.”

“You know exactly what you did.”

“Are you referring to the fact that were in an asylum. Come on Rebecca, its not my fault that we’re here. I didn’t kill those people.

“But you told me too you monster!!”

“It was fun wasn’t it”


“Oh quit lying! You  know it was.”

“Shut up and leave!”

“Okay, but I will comeback. Until next time, goodbye.”

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The Old Lady

I was bored one day, so I decided to look out my window. The clouds were grey, and the wind was strong. I was looking at the cars pass by when I notice a strange figure. It was an old women standing near the church on the other side of the street.

She was holding an umbrella and was wearing a blue coat. A bag, of what seem to be groceries, was on the floor next to her. Her hair was white and so was her skin. She looked sad for some reason. I wondered what she was doing outside on a day like this. Then suddenly she grabbed her bag and left.

After she left I decided to watch some television. Well I tried to watch television. I kept thinking about the old women. Something was bothering me, something about her face. She just seemed so sad. She looked like she’s seen a lot of things in her life.

A week passed and I kept checking to see if the women was there and she was. She stood in the same place everyday. I thought about asking her why she stood there doing nothing but she stop showing up. I wondered what her story was. Why she always stood by that church but I guess I’ll never know.

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Short Story

On my way to work I found a letter. It was short and had bad hand writing. The letter read.

“For all those who love me I’m sorry. I just couldn’t take it. I can’t live without Dave so I’m going with him. Were going to live together in heaven. ”

I was shocked, I inspected the letter a little more and discovered a year, “1995”. It was a very old letter. As I continued walking to work I wondered who this women was. I wondered who Dave was. It got me thinking, maybe I should call my wife during lunch.

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My Old Pets part 1

I had many different pets during my childhood, two dogs, a bunny, and some birds. They were all great but I didn’t really know how to take care of them. Most of my pets died because I didn’t know how to raise them properly.

The first pet I ever owned was a dog called Lucky. He started small and innocent. He used to be so kind and adorable. That ended quickly, you see Lucky grew very quickly. My family never owned a dog before so we didn’t teach him stuff when he was a puppy. We also kept him locked up in our balcony all the time, which didn’t help. He pooped and peed wherever and whenever he wanted. Every time we brought him in to our house he would just run around wildly for minutes. I guess we should have properly taken him for a walk outside, but unfortunately we did not. We eventually got rid him, and then got another dog.

My second dogs name was Suzy. She was energetic and playful. Having learn from our past mistakes we treated this dog a lot better. We took her outside, let her play with us in the house, and discipline her when she did something wrong. Things were going great with her, but we had to move and she couldn’t come with us. When we left Puerto Rico we left her with my grandma. She later gave Suzy away to a nice old lady.

I wasn’t a good dog owner I’ll admit. My next pet was a bird, a love bird to be more specific. The love bird story is a little long so I’ll continue it some other time.

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My Three Favorite Songs

Most of my favorite songs are from video games or cartoon shows that I watch. My absolute favorite song has to come from cowboy bebop. The songs that plays during the end credits is fantastic. Everytime I hear it it makes me happy. The other song that I love the most comes from Ico. Its a songs that plays during the end. The song is so sad but at the same time happy. I absolutely love it. My other favorite song might come from bastion. Its a song that plays during a level that i really like. The song just captures the atmosprehe of the game perfectly. I don’t think I nkow more songs that impact me more then those. Thre a few other that I absolutely love like the entire  sountrack to Gurren Laggan. Thats about it I guess, maybe I’ll update this list on a later date. I just can’t think of any more songs right now. I guess its because normal songs don’t impact me a lot. Songs that play during a powerful scene or a big boss fight stick with me for some reason. I guess its because theres more emotion in them. All favorite songs are usually from games. I don’t really have any favorite songs from the real world. THey all just seem to sound the same to me. In a game you can have all kinds of different songs. Some of them aren’t even in your native language. I also seem to like songs that aren’t english. Maybe I lkie them because they sound different. Whatever the reason is I strongly believe that sounds in a video game, movie, or show are going to stick with you longer. I think this because songs in movie usually have to do with some kind of emotion in the scene. Like a happy scene will have a happy song. So everytime you listen to that happy song you will be reminded of that happy scene.

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Man I Miss the Beach

It’s 45 degrees outside and for some reason my hot water stop running. I’m literally freezing in my seat as I type this. To try and stay warm I began to imaging the beach that I use to go to when i was young.

The beaches in Puerto Rico, where i used to live, are amazing. The beach that I used to always go to was my favorite place in the whole world. It was just so peaceful and pretty, nothing bad ever happened while i was there.

The water was clear and you can see fish swimming with you. The sand was fun to play in, and no matter how much I dug it never seemed to have a bottom. The beach its self was pretty long. I could see where it ended but my mom always told me that their was more to it. Giant hotels where placed near the beach so I assumed it ended were the hotels ended. Massive rocks separated the deep end of the water and the shallow end. I always wondered where those rocks came from. My mom told me once that people put them there but I never understood how.

As I sit here with my giant blanket typing this out with freezing hands. I can’t help but miss that beach whose name I’ve forgotten. I would like to back there someday, too bad planes terrify me. I hope to see that beach again someday.

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Bastion is Pretty Great


For my second blog I want to talk about a little video game I played a year ago. The game was called bastion. It was created by Supergiant Games, and indie studio with experience developers from across the industry. The game was fantastic, the game play was fun, the story was well written, and the characters were memorable.

The game play is kinda hard to describe. It’s hack ‘n’ slash mix with some rpg elements. You run around with an isometric camera and kill creatures with various weapons that you have collected in your journey. You can also equip potions to make yourself stronger or faster. As you level up you can equip even more potions on your character to improve his abilities.  You can also upgrade you weapons with items that you find across the land.

The story is told by the narrator an old man named Rucks. He tells you the back story of the world your in and also comments on what you are doing. Our main character is the kid, a young boy that wakes up to a destroyed world. It seems that the only survivors are him, the narrator, and other characters you meet later in the game. The story is pretty good so I don’t want to spoil it.

Overall is a fun game with interesting character, and a world with lots of lore. This game is one of my favorites and I hope more people get to experience it.


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